Oral Sedation

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Smiling ManIf you’ve been putting off years of dental work, Sedation Dentistry at Lake Country Dental Care in Clarksville, VA can change your life!

Imagine not being afraid to go to the dentist. Imagine being able to accomplish all your dental care in as little as one appointment. Imagine being able to smile with confidence and chew your food without pain. This is what Sedation Dentistry can do for you.

Q: Who is a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

A: Adults who

  • Have a high fear of visiting the dentist
  • Are afraid and embarrassed about their teeth
  • Have had traumatic dental experiences
  • Have difficulty getting numb
  • Hate needles and shots
  • Have a bad gag reflex
  • Dislike the noise, smell, and taste associated with dental care
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Have limited time to complete their dental care

Q: How safe is Oral Sedation?

A: Oral Sedation Dentistry protocols have been used safely for over 30 years with millions of dental procedures. Before starting any treatments, Dr. Reggie Young will review your medical history and explain how Sedation Dentistry can work for you. While Dr. Young is restoring your mouth he has a trained registered nurse constantly monitoring the criticare monitor, which measures heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels. Dr. Young wants you to feel good about going forward towards a healthy, new smile.

Q: How does the sedation work?

Many patients feel NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever during and after treatment

A: 90 minutes prior to your appointed time you will take your prescribed medication, one small pill. You will have your companion drive you to the dental office and our experienced dental team will be there to meet and greet you. We will make sure you’re relaxed and completely comfortable prior to starting any procedure. Many patients feel NO DISCOMFORT whatsoever during and after treatment, and have little or no memory of the visit.

Q: Will I feel any pain?

A: Most patients feel no discomfort whatsoever during their treatment and feel surprisingly good afterwards.

Q: Will I be totally relaxed?

A: You’ll receive just enough sedation so that you’ll be completely unaware of the treatment.

Q: Will I remember anything?

A: At the end of the treatment, you’ll have little or no memory of your dental visit.

Q: Will I be groggy after my treatment is over?

A: You will feel just fine. For your safety, we do require that you have a family member or friend drive you home.