Diagnodent: Diagnostic Dental Laser

Diagnodent is a diagnostic dental laser, which provides early and more dependable diagnosis of decay in teeth. No longer do we have to wait for a cavity to become deep enough to show on an x-ray. No longer is the sharp explorer probed into the grooves to attempt to detect soft decay while possibly seeding bacteria into the grooves of other teeth. Studies have shown that exploring and the use of the explorer to diagnose groove cavities are only 22-25 % accurate.

The Diagnodent is noninvasive and accurately determines if decay is present and to what extent it has developed. If the readings are low, the condition can be confidently monitored over time to determine if the cavity is actively growing.

What this does for our patients is to allow for more confident diagnosis, early diagnosis of decay, and the ability to monitor small lesions with confidence and not over or under treat. This will save tooth structure, be less expensive and enhance health.

Lake Country Dental continually pursues the latest developments in technology, materials, standards of excellent care that we feel would best serve our patients.