Empress Veneers, Clarksville VA

Few people are blessed with naturally perfect teeth. Of all the methods available today for changing and improving the look of your smile, Empress Veneers are among the most popular and successful with our patients. Empress Veneers are literally a shell covering and can be contact-lens-thin. The Empress Veneers are placed over your natural teeth to enhance or correct their appearance.

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Empress Advantages

  • Life-like translucency
  • Kind to opposing teeth
  • Biocompatibility

You may have seen people with unnatural looking dental work that is easy to spot. Perhaps their teeth are white, opaque, and blocky, or maybe you’ve spotted the telltale signs of dark metal showing between the porcelain and the gum line. Dr. Youngs Empress Veneers are so naturally beautiful that people will only assume you were born with them. To get this type of result takes a combination of artisans the cosmetic dentist and the master ceramist.

Pressed for fit and layered for beauty, Empress Veneers are handcrafted by artisan ceramists to create beautiful and natural looking porcelain veneer facings for individual teeth. Empress Veneers can make a dramatic change in your smile.

The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for Empress Veneers is to come in and let us take a look.

Before and After cases with Empress Veneers

Before restorations
After Restorations

Before Restorations
After Restorations

Before Restorations
After Restorations